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American Legion Post 64, located in Salisbury, Maryland and centered in the DelMarVa Peninsula, takes pride in sponsoring the local American Legion Baseball team.  The Post membership, the coaches and the players subscribe to the four unchanging goals of the American Legion Baseball Program.

*  To inculcate in our American youth a better understanding of the American way
    of  life and to promote 100% Americanism.

*  To instill in our national youth a sincere desire to develop within themselves a
   feeling of citizenship, sportsmanship, loyalty and team spirit.

*  To aid in the improvement and development of the physical fitness of our
    country's youth.

*  To build for the nation's future through the development of our youth.

From 1998 through 2009 the team was managed and coached by Gordy Kissner.  During that time the overall team won-loss record was 305-97.  A history of the team is available by clicking here.  

While still involved in the administrative aspects of the team, Coach Kissner relinquished the team's on-field direction beginning in 2010.  The current and future success of Salisbury Post 64's baseball team will be a direct result of the foundation laid by Coach Kissner and the winning program developed by him over twelve years. 

In addition to the outstanding "win-lose" measure of the team's performance, the development of young men to be contributing members of society with a keen sense of commitment, responsibility, leadership, excellence, humility and scholarship* will be Coach Kissner's legacy.   As well, the support of the American Legion Post 64, the coaches and players families and the greater Salisbury community have made this decade plus a high mark for our area.

Thank you, Coach Kissner

* Four players over four separate years were recipients of the annual American Legion Academic Scholarship
   Award for the State of Maryland.